LED Torch

Mazi International Presents 6v 4.5ah battery, LED Torch in its Dynamic LED Torches Range. Made from the latest designs, this torch operates in the range of 800 to 1000m. Fulfilling all your light related needs, it gives you wider coverage in night and areas where normal torches can’t operate. It is assembled using high-performance 6V, 4.5Ah Battery which is first of all rechargeable, secondly leak-proof, and thirdly combined with SMF. Easy to replace structure makes this super handy at times when instant replacement is required.

Competing with all other high quality LED Torches in the market, Mazi International’s LED Torch gives 4 – 6 hours of battery backup and this has been tested on ‘continuous’ mode. Manufactured from high-grade ABS body, it is waterproof and gives a superior grip even if the water is there. A single push button switch is given on top of grip handle which gives extremely easy and smooth on/off operation.

Requiring no startup time, it lights up the directed area in seconds and the same happens for switching off. With the purchase of this torch, you will get 4.5Ah SMS battery with it, one wall charger, and 1 shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is removable as well as adjustable.

Mazi International tries to develop superior quality multipurpose products and this torch is the most dynamic and successful representation of that. It is a versatile, high-performance portable lighting solution that can be used in almost every department like Armed Forces, Industries, Securities, Forest Department, Agriculture, Hill Camping and Trekking, Safari, Travelling, and more. Also, it can be used for household work too. Lightening up the room like a LED Bulb can be used as an emergency light for studying, reading, cooking, or any other kind of household work.

Mazi International believes in building trust and as a token of that trust year, comprehensive warranty is also provided on the complete system of this torch.