6v 4.5ah Battery

This sealed lead acid battery 6v 4.5ah offered by Mazi International has got several applications. The major advantages of this battery are that they are of absolutely high quality, possess a faster lead-time and also competitively priced.

This battery finds numerous applications in power tools, emergency power equipment, communication equipment, marine equipment, telecommunication equipment, fire security systems, solar and wind systems, for generating uninterrupted power supplies, electric toys, spotlights or torches, emergency lamps, electric vehicles, engine starters, golf carts, motorcycles, photography, power sports and few toys as well.


The 6 volts 4.5 ah batterieshave 100% brand new and excellent quality nominal voltage of 6V and uses lead acid capacity to generate power. The best part is that these batteries have a long service life of 3 years with a self-discharge rate of less than 3% per month when used under normal temperature. Also there is no memory effect even after repetitive usage and there is in-built discharge maintenance free operation sealed construction. This 6v 4.5 ah battery in India is also equipped with a Leak-proof Safety Valve Regulated system.

The major USP of this product is that it can be used for numerous applications and thus there is a huge demand for this product in the battery market.

6vt Battery Feature

Nominal Voltage 6.0 v
Nominal Capacity 8.20Ah, 8000 mAh
Max. Charging Current 2.0 A
Max. Discharging Current 8.25 A max
Dimension(LxWxH) 98mm (3.86″) x 56mm (2.2″) x 118mm (4.65″)
Weight 1.72kg (3.8lb)
Terminal T1